15 Oct 2016
October 15, 2016

INVISION Magazine: Total Recall

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It was an honour to speak with INVISION Magazine about recalling tips and tricks. My interview with the U.S.-based optometry publication was featured in the magazine’s October issue. From having your recaller establish her voice, to updating contact information, and looking for multiple booking opportunities, here are 10 Ways To Boost Your Patient Recall Rates. read more →

Increasing cash flow should be a top business priority of any optometry practice. Greater revenue equals greater opportunities to better serve your clients, expand your practice and engage your staff. It’s also a key factor to consider if you are looking to sell your practice, as it generally leads to a higher sale price. While.. read more →

16 Jun 2016
June 16, 2016

Toastmasters: My 20/20 Outlook

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I have been a member of Toastmasters for two years, and last month, it was my privilege to have an article published in the organization’s Toastmasters International Magazine. Seeing my way from employee to entrepreneur has involved numerous speaking engagements, from major optometry conference presentations, to one-on-one coaching sessions. My 20/20 outlook and reflections on my journey.. read more →

I had the chance to sit down and Skype with popular podcast host Terra Bohlmann, an accomplished trainer and business consultant. We discussed how to grow your business as a speaker. Listen to the full podcast here. read more →

One of the biggest assets of any company is the team that runs it. Business owners – practice owners and optometrists included – know that their business assets require care, but a lot of the time we fail to apply that knowledge to the people who work for us. Training and development are a great.. read more →

Optometrists and their team know best when it comes to their patients’ eyewear and eye health needs. They also have the expertise to match them with the perfect products. This, however, isn’t necessarily enough to ensure patients will purchase their glasses and contact lenses from their trusted optometry team, especially when competing against the convenience.. read more →

Interesting new people, dynamic presentations, a charming city, and a pound of a half of lobster were just some of the fantastic takeaways enjoyed by guests at the 34th Biennial CAO Congress this summer. For insights on various sessions, the Optofair, networking and her two presentations, read Pauline’s latest article in the Canadian Journal of.. read more →

When it comes to business development, a practice’s marketing strategy doesn’t have to focus on costly and uninspiring newspaper ads. There are multiple ways to marketing your business, while bringing value to your customers. Read more in Pauline’s latest article in the Canadian Journal of Optometry (p. 50)… read more →

13 Jul 2015
July 13, 2015

CJO: Summer Lovin’

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This summer, business can continue to heat up even as you find time to cool down, poolside. With some foresight and planning, optometrists can strategically maximize potential revenue and enhance their practice, all while leaving time for some fun in the sun. Read more in Pauline’s latest article in the Canadian Journal of Optometry (p. 37)… read more →